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Our Brand

Created for those who mother.

mother (v.)

: to love
: to protect
: to empower
: to hold space

We value:


You are worthy of rest.

With to-do lists a miles long, we are guilty of not resting until our heads hit the pillow at night.

We challenge you to rest throughout your day. A few conscious breaths, a break from your screen, or a walk around the block, might be all that you need to reset. Rest is an important means of reducing stress, increasing focus, and improving mood.

Rest is a great way to prioritize yourself.

Challenging the Status Quo

Often what’s best for us means going against social norms and cultural conditioning.

Whether that means saying "no" to expectations of perfection or questioning long held beliefs, we empower you to put your needs first. That means letting go of guilt and shame and replacing it with self love and acceptance.

It's time that you live a life that meets your own needs.

Our Founder, Elle

Having spent over 20 years in corporate America, I see women everyday wearing busyness and burnout like a badge of honor. After experiencing the side effects firsthand, I saw the opportunity to produce functional products that empower self-care and celebrate rest.

I created MotherBar for those of us trying to "do it all" with the belief that women should mother themselves first. Because when we take a moment to prioritize ourselves, we model self worth and become happier and more resilient in our daily lives.

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