I give myself full permission to “own the path less traveled” and do things that may seem unconventional to other families.

Tauna Dean 
Current Occupation:
CEO + Founder: We Are On Purpose Recruiting 
# of Children and their Ages:
1 daughter, 3 years old 
What do you love about being a working mom?
I had my daughter on my own through IVF, so I’m often referred to as a “single mom by choice” and it’s a badge of honor that I wear with pride!  I love modeling independence and empowering my daughter to see women as strong and capable individuals. Often times, after I manage a difficult situation professionally or do something that’s stereotypically done by a man in the home...I high-five my daughter and say,

“Look at us babe - we can do hard things!”

I love acknowledging and celebrating every small win and accomplishment as a dynamic duo. I think she feels it, and I hope she’ll reflect on her upbringing and realize that she can also pursue a life that lights her up...despite societal conventions or traditional norms.
What is the biggest challenge of being a working mom?
Balancing my time while being “the one.”

As a single mom, I play every role in my daughter’s upbringing at home and in life. It is incredibly rewarding, but it’s also physically and emotionally exhausting at times, especially as I’m in the first year of building and leading a mission-driven start-up. (it also happens to be potty training season, so truthfully, there are days when I’m just hanging on by a thread!)
If you had a magic wand, what one thing would you change about working mom life?
This is a tough one to decide! For the benefit of all working moms and caregivers in general, I would wish for high-quality, affordable (or free) universal daycare for our children. 

What tips do you have for other working moms? 
I’ve always been the person that says YES.  Yes to mentoring countless young women navigate the corporate world, yes to late-night career advice, coaching and resume reviews, yes to the “15 minute coffee chat” that often turns into an hour. Supporting people and helping them "find their shine" is part of my DNA and I absolutely love it.

I truly feel honored to be trusted by so many. However, too much of good thing is still too much…and being over-scheduled in service of others often comes at the expense of your own needs and well-being.

My advice to working Mom’s (that I’m definitely still learning!) is to be highly intentional with your YES. 

We have so many competing demands on us every day…sometimes it’s perfectly fine to trade in a YES for a NO or not right now…and perhaps that “extra 5 minutes” just bought you some time for a walk in the woods, a workout, or a few precious moments with friends and family.

Any relationship tips for working moms? 
I’m probably not in the position to share tips on marriage dynamics for working Moms, but I will say that my friendships are EVERYTHING as a Single Mama. My daughter was 7 months old when the pandemic hit and I instantly felt alone, isolated, and terrified.  Although my friends couldn’t be there for me physically in the beginning, I will never forget the phone calls, texts, and check-ins during that tumultuous time.

The key lesson for me, and the one that holds true to this day, is to be totally vulnerable and lean on your people whenever you need them.

Asking for support can be hard, but your friends, especially your tribe of close female friends…will always show up for you.
What's the best piece of advice your own mother gave you? 
Honestly, my Mom doesn’t really give me very much advice. Her love language is definitely acts of service over words of affirmation, but she has always supported my choices and decisions in parenting.  My Mom is the epitome of a strong and tenacious working Mom. She excelled in male dominated industries, was the consistent and stable breadwinner in our family, and always took care of my sister and I without question. 

Her actions led the way more than her words, and I feel extremely lucky to have grown up witnessing her life as a loving, independent, and fierce role-model. 

What stresses you out? 
I’m most stressed when everything is happening at once; I’m about to jump on a call with a client, the dog is barking, my daughter is crying, someone is at the door, and all the while…I’m trying my best to stay calm and composed. In those moments, I feel super challenged because there’s no tag-team partner or opportunity to "tap out” when I just need a minute.

I mean, If everything in life could happen one at a time, that would be great! 
How do you mother yourself? 
I give myself full permission to “own the path less traveled” and do things that may seem unconventional to other families. For example, last Winter I decided to take my toddler with me to live and work in Mexico. I recognize there’s inherent privilege in my ability to do something like that, so I intentionally use my sense of adventure as not only a way to Mother myself, but to actively expose my daughter to honoring other cultures and appreciating diverse perspectives.

My goal is to raise a global citizen, someone who will champion the rights of all people, not just those that live in her zip code or look like her. 

Why and how do you use CBD? 
I don’t think there’s a Mom out there that can’t use a moment of solitude and relaxation in their lives.  I absolutely love the MotherBar mints and try to take one when I know I can be “still” and allow the positive effects to flow through my mind and body.

I’ve also taken Moment when I’m feeling extremely rushed or overwhelmed and it always helps me “smooth-out the edges” as I navigate the challenging situation, or ten :)

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