What may be the most surprising about our manufacturing process is the fact that we still do it by hand using techniques created over a hundred years ago.

Your Name:
Greg Dauphin

Your Occupation:
Master Confectioner at Arnold’s Candies

How did you get into mint manufacturing? 
Honestly, I had a quarter-life crisis and decided to quit my job as a banker and buy one of my customer's struggling businesses to breathe new life into a company that has been around since 1953. 

What makes your mints special? 
Our mints are hand-made and our process matters more than just our high-quality ingredients. We train our cooks to be a master at their craft so each batch is made with the keen eyes of experts to ensure only the highest quality.

Our cutter head is 150 years old, so the nostalgia you get from not only the high-quality taste of our mints but also the shape will leave you enjoying every second of your experience.

How long does a mint take to make from start to finish?
Our mints take about an hour from weighing out the ingredients to a fully cooled, ready-to-package batch. 

What might surprise a person about the mint manufacturing process?
What may be the most surprising about our manufacturing process is the fact that we still do it by hand using techniques created over a hundred years ago. You would think by now we would rather have the consistency of machines like some of our competitors.

But the quality of our candy comes from the hands-on skill it takes to craft something truly unique. 

How would you describe your mints if they were a person?
If our mints were a person, they would be an old soul. They would be intuitive, empathetic, and interested in the bigger picture of life. They would not be afraid to chart their own path and would get after it with a zestful energy. However, they would then require ample time after to regenerate.    

What interested you in making CBD mints? 
Honestly, MotherBar really inspired us to take on the CBD market. Elle came to us and discussed her vision, which was something we felt we would love to be a part of.

The story of MotherBar and what Elle is trying to accomplish is a worthy cause.

We knew that almost immediately when we discussed it with Elle for the first time. 

What do you like about the MotherBar "Moment" mints?
Can we say everything? The product has some of the highest quality ingredients, which is clearly a priority for us here at Arnold's Candies as well.

We love that MotherBar stands for more than just a mint inside a package. MotherBar prioritizes ingredients, the environment, and the meaning behind the product they are making. 

What new product do you hope to make next?
Honestly, the options are endless! We can easily create so many different flavor profiles from our products, so it really depends on what the consumer wants and what would make the most sense for our brand.

One thing is for sure, it would have to be as excellent in quality and flavor as the rest of the products we make here.

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