Lean on your village. Find a community where women support women.

Sarah Cusumano

Current/Most Recent Occupation: 
Co-founder, Truffle

# of Children: 
Three boys ages 13, 18, & 19

What do you love about being a working mom?
I love having something that is just for me, and isn’t dependent on my kids - so much of my day is centered around their needs, wants and hopes, and yet it is as important that I also have that for myself. It gives me self-worth, sets an example for my three boys, and gives me balance. 


What is the biggest challenge of being a working mom?
TIME of course!

As much as I want to be an A+ person at everything, something always has to give, as there are simply not enough hours in the day.

I am grateful as a business owner that I have had so much flexibility in my schedule so that I have been able to take my kids to school, be at nearly every school event, volunteer, etc.

I have huge respect for full-time working moms who have built a village around them to help with those things when they simply aren’t able to be there in person, as I know that is a huge sacrifice. 

If you had a magic wand, what is one thing would you change about working mom life? 
If I had a fairy godmother, she would magically tidy up and make beds in my boys’ rooms. As much as I try to encourage them to keep their rooms clean and create new habits, somehow it just doesn’t sink in! Also, she would clean baseball pants.

What tips do you have for other working moms? 
Lean on your village.

Find a community where women support women.

I am forever grateful to my fellow neighborhood/friend moms who have my back in a pinch. We don’t ask questions, we’re just there for each other. And the payoff extends well beyond just the day to day support; it shows our children that we are all one community raising each other up. My older boys reflect back on some of their fondest memories and it undoubtedly includes families of friends who are there for each other, in good times and in bad. 

Any relationship tips for working moms? 
Set ground rules. Communication, as usual, is king. I’m far from perfect, as is my spouse. So that’s just out there from day 1. But the better we are at communicating our individual needs from a working and personal side, the better we are able to support and cheer on each other.

I also know when to go to him for professional advice, and when not to. This comes simply from lots of experience. 

What's the best piece of advice your own mother gave you? 
Without question, my mom was a big believer that,

“You can do anything.”

Surprise! Sarah is my sister. 

I never for a moment thought I couldn’t go to whatever college or grad school I wanted, raise three kids, and start a business from scratch. It frustrates me that young women today think that just because they are a woman that they are going to encounter so many obstacles. Stop thinking and feeling oppressed and just go out there and do it! It’s only an obstacle if you think it is. When my best friend and colleague Maria and I founded our company, not once did we ever think that we couldn’t do it. We just figured it out as we went along because we believed in ourselves. 

What stresses you out? 
Worrying about my teenagers getting home safely at night.


How do you mother yourself? 
I start off each day outside with my dogs on an hour hike.

It’s my ritual me time when I can move my body and get in touch with Mother Earth.

I also allow myself to indulge in some of my favorite things, like a hot latte, fresh cut flowers, pedicures, a really good book, and Gorgonzola cheese (with red wine). 

Why and how do you use CBD?
CBD has been a game changer when it comes to PMS and stress, especially when I can’t sleep because my mind is racing.

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