Feeling frazzled and overwhelmed? CBD mints are compact, convenient, and much easier to share compared to other CBD products. Here’s why you should reach for CBD mints before anything else.

 For those of us with crazy schedules, demanding jobs, and lives that are always on the go, finding time for “balance” might seem close to impossible. I don’t know about you, but most of my days are a blur of work emails, tending to my kids’ needs, and figuring out what to make for dinner. Sometimes my only break or moment of reflection happens on the way to the bathroom.

Since I’m guessing you can relate, I think you’ll agree that we need a solution that’s simple and convenient to help get us through the crazy days.

I’d like to introduce you to my very good friend, CBD. CBD has helped me slow down and bring more calm moments into my day.

I feel less frantic, more composed, and dare I say, balanced. While there are many types of CBD like oils, gummies, and capsules, CBD mints take the crown. Why, you ask? Well, Mints are compact, discrete, uncomplicated, and can be used absolutely anywhere, at any time. An added bonus: They keep your breath minty fresh. Here are some more reasons why CBD mints should be your top choice.

CBD Mints Keep You Balanced.
First, I think it’s important that we distinguish between THC and CBD because I know it can be confusing. While both compounds come from the friendly cannabis plant, the biggest difference between THC and CBD is that THC gives you that mental "high" sensation. Think pot brownies. THC is probably not what you’re reaching for in the middle of a stressful day at work or at home while dealing with the kids. That might not work out well.
CBD, on the other hand, does not produce a mental “high.” CBD gently relaxes the body, leaving our minds free and clear to function no matter where we are.
Yes, that includes intense conference calls or stressful parent-teacher conferences. While eating chocolate edibles, infused edibles, or smoking THC might be a nostalgic throwback to your younger years, it’s not an ideal choice with everything we’re juggling on a daily basis.
CBD edibles in the form of a mint are easy to take at any time. I can pop a mint and lead my team like a champ through a Monday morning meeting with a clear and calm mind. CBD, on the other hand allows you to function without totally knocking you out.
Convenience is my middle name these days. If it makes my life easier, then sign me up. MotherBar’s CBD mints not only calm your body, but awaken your senses. Super transportable, you can toss them in your bag, keep them on your desk at work, or even place them by your bedside.
These mints are literally there for you at any moment, no questions asked.
Sort of like a good friend. To make things even easier, each mint comes with a 40mg dose of CBD. No guesswork or measuring required. Imagine trying to measure your CBD oil during a work meeting or in the middle of evening traffic. I think not.

You Get Relief.
Typically, CBD mints take about 10 to 15 minutes to start working their magic. It's a perfect solution to taking a breather when you can’t get outside for some fresh air. So, minutes before walking into a meeting or tackling that next big project, simply pop one in and watch yourself become a little more confident, focused, and relaxed. With CBD mints, self-care becomes easier and life becomes lighter. No heavy lifting required.
Sharing is caring. Pass it on.
When it comes to CBD mints, sharing is caring in every sense of the word. Since they’re pre-dosed and easy to take, sharing the benefits of CBD mints with friends, your partner, or co-workers, is possible at any time. Think about how you and your team feel after a long, mentally exhausting meeting. Chances are, you’re all running on empty and feeling overwhelmed at the thought of going back to work.
MotherBar’s CBD mints come in incredibly handy in times like these. I love the look in my coworker’s eyes when I pass them a CBD mint.
They’re anticipating more work and probably more stress but instead, I surprise them with a moment to slow down. These mints put a new spin on work culture by giving us the chance to come together to recharge. They give us the opportunity to feel whole the entire day instead of strung out and holding on by a thread. What a concept!
Perfect for first-timers.

New to the world of CBD? We can promise you won’t be leaving anytime soon. Imagine a life where you can dismantle your attachment to your stressors in a matter of minutes? Where your shoulders drop out of your ears and your inbox actually feels manageable. Ticket to entry? CBD mints.


Our mint form of CBD is highly accessible, easy to bring into your day, and a lot less intimidating compared to tinctures and oils. Moment mints are pre-dosed with 20mg of CBD per mint to ensure you know the amounts of CBD that you’re taking. Not to mention, they also taste delicious!
MotherBar’s full spectrum CBD mints sort of remind us of Pop Rocks! Activating the senses and tingling our taste buds.
The days of people telling us that self-care is something that we have to schedule in our calendar or learn from a book are over. You know what you need.
We all know what we need. To make ourselves a priority.
Yes, people depend on us. Yes, we have to-do lists that never end. But everyone wins if we can move through our days with more calm and more ease. While MotherBar mints might be small, they can make all the difference, especially with all of the chaos happening in the background. Good things can come in small packages. Am I right?
Disclaimer: You must be the age of 18 or older to purchase MotherBar products.