Know that you are being such a great role model for your children. Also know you are doing your best. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

Danielle Cuccio

Current Occupation:
CEO + Founder of Cuccio Somatology / Celebrity Yoga Teacher

# of Children and their Ages:  
Two kids - Easton, 3 & Rowen, 7 months

What do you love about being a working mom? 
I love that I can teach my kids to have a passion in life and go after their dreams. I love that my life is both being a mom and an entrepreneur. It keeps it both exhausting and exciting, lol.

When I’m with my kids or when I’m at work, I’m focused and try to be there fully.

What is the biggest challenge of being a working mom? 
It’s not easy.  I think the challenge is that my work day doesn’t end when I shut off my computer.  Some days I’m on Mom Mode after our babysitter leaves and I have to fill orders or answer emails with the kids.  

It’s a lot to manage and a lot of multitasking.  

Or after the kids go to bed, you’ll often find me wrapping up some emails or printing out orders.  A business is like a baby and requires a lot of focus.  It can be exhausting.  It’s like having another kid.

If you had a magic wand, what one thing would you change about working mom life?
I work from home and sometimes it’s hard to be home and hear the kids. I’m grateful I don’t have to drive to my warehouse daily but sometimes it does make it hard and distracting.  I also wish I didn’t stress about work once the work day is done.  

What tips do you have for other working moms?
Know that you are being such a great role model for your children.  You are showing them that you are hard working and helping create a life for them. Even if they don’t see it when they are young, they will when they are older.

Also know you are doing your best.  Don’t be so hard on yourself.

Any relationship tips for working moms?
Make time for your partner and to care about your friends and family. I think it’s very easy to get wrapped up in your own life between work and your kids.  It’s important to continue to work on your relationships and know how important those are. Try to schedule date nights and time alone.

What's the best piece of advice your own mother gave you? 
She always is there for me.  Not there to fix things but to listen. Listening and being there is priceless.

What stresses you out? 
These days, a lot! Once I became a mom, my anxiety definitely elevated.  I’m sometimes worried about the silliest things but I’m learning how to manage it for sure.  

I think it’s the non-stop to-do list we have as parents.  

It can be stressful, but it always gets done and if we leave laundry for another day, it will be fine and get done.

How do you mother yourself? 
I really value taking care of myself. My whole company is based off self care and I have a huge passion for it. I really try to take care of myself. I love spending time with my kids and once they’re sleeping, I usually take 30 minutes to do one of the following: meditate, eat something yummy, take a bath, put on a face mask, light a candle, watch TV.

Self care is mothering myself. :)

Why and how do you use CBD? 
CBD is something I use occasionally to relax. I love Mother’s Bar Mints!

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